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Joint tape is a type of building tape that is used for joints and corners. The bond breaker is an insulating tape that is applied to the joint base to prevent the three-sided adhesion of the sealing material to the joint base. Glass fiber tape is woven with high-quality glass fiber, and is characterized by being strong against pulling. Alkali resistance is also applied, so it has excellent durability. Tapes for corners are available with glue and without glue, and most are 50m per roll.
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  1. Polycloth Bond Breaker Tape
    Matsuura Industry Polycloth Bond Breaker Tape
    Polycross bond breaker tape for sealing 3-sided adhesion prevention For replacement of joint filler and prevention of three-sided adhesion of the sealing joint bottom part before painting ceramic exterior wall materials. As a three-sided adhesion prevention bond breaker at the bottom of the hat j... Read More
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.145  Adhesive Strength (N/10mm)  2.7  Tape Length (m)  25  Tensile Strength (N/10mm)  63  Adhesive  Acrylic adhesive  Base Material  Polyethylene cloth 
    from S$4.59
    Min. 2 days
  2. Bond breaker
    SAGAMI COLORFOAM Bond breaker
    Three-sided adhesion prevention tape when the joints are shallow. Reasons for preventing three-sided adhesion: The joints are stretched due to the temperature difference of the members, the building is shaken, and the movement against the sealing due to the distortion is working. If three-sided b... Read More
    Thickness (mm)  0.15  Length (m)  50  Material  Polyethylene 
    from S$10.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Kose joint tape
    OHTSUKA BRUSH MFG. Kose joint tape
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.08  Tape Length (m)  30  Specification  With glue 
    from S$129.90
    Min. 4 days
  4. Silook media tape
    OHTSUKA BRUSH MFG. Silook media tape
    Tape for flat surface. No glue
    Tape Length (m)  100  Tape Width (mm)  50 
    from S$69.99
    Min. 4 days
  5. Bond Breaker Tape
    Ozakikame Shoten Bond Breaker Tape
    Prevents the sealant from sticking on three sides. Use it for joints that cannot be filled with glued backup materials.
    Tape Length (m)  50 
    from S$2.59
    Min. 7 days
  6. Tiger G fiber tape
    Yoshino Gypsum Tiger G fiber tape
    It is a glass fiber tape with excellent strength and dimensional stability. Since it comes with a special adhesive, it can be attached directly to the board joints. Prevents cracks in joints. * Wipe off any dirt such as dust on the base in advance. * Use a spatula to prevent the float from floati... Read More
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.2  Formaldehyde grade  F☆☆☆☆  Material (Tape)  Glass fiber 
  7. Tiger fiberglass tape
    Yoshino Gypsum Tiger fiberglass tape
    Since the adhesive is attached with a mesh tape, it can be directly attached to the seam and putty can be applied immediately. Preventing cracks in seams * Please paste directly on the base before puttingty treatment. Wipe off any dirt such as dust on the base in advance. * Use a spatula to preve... Read More
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.2  Base Material  Glass fiber 
  8. Corner tape
    UNIT (UNIT SAFETY SIGNS) Corner tape
    * Please remove dust and dirt (especially oil) on the floor before applying. Do not use it on a track such as a forklift.
    Tape Width (mm)  50  Material  Pet film 
  9. DX cross corner tape
    OHTSUKA BRUSH MFG. DX cross corner tape
    Corner tape. With glue
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.6  Tape Length (m)  50  Tape Width (mm)  53 
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