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  1. Cook set ESCS series
    Esbit Cook set ESCS series
    Lightweight, hard anodized cook set. A 585mL pot, an Esbit solid fuel tablet tray and an integrated windshield are included in the set. The handle of the pot is made of stainless steel, a mesh bag is attached, and the windshield can be stored in the pot. One tablet of military solid fuel will boi... Read More
    Dimensions (Width W x Height H) (mm)  111 x 86 (when stored)  Mass (g)  197  As ONE Part Number  62-7040-71 
    from S$64.99
    Min. 10 days
  2. Aluminum cook set
    Esbit Aluminum cook set
    It is an aluminum cook set exclusively for Esbit's alcohol burner. The size is suitable for camping by 2 to 3 people, and it is lightweight and can be stored compactly. Since it uses easily available alcohol for fuel, it is easy to ignite, and if you put about 70 mL (2/3) of fuel in the burne... Read More
    Mass (g)  1075  Dimensions, Diameter x Height H (Φmm x mm)  202 x 128 (when stored)  As ONE Part Number  62-7040-74  Specification  With alcohol burner 
    from S$279.90
    Min. 8 days
  3. SOLA Relax Camping Cooker 5 Piece Set
    Kakusee SOLA Relax Camping Cooker 5 Piece Set
    A set of 5 stainless steel camping cookers. Great for outdoor activities, camping, and disaster prevention support. Compact enough to fit in only 15 cm square.
    Mass (g)  680  Dimensions (cm)  Kettle body/13.7 x 22.4 x 19.8  Material  stainless steel 
    from S$26.99
    Min. 6 days
  4. Outdoor Cooker 4-pcs Set
    YAMAZEN Outdoor Cooker 4-pcs Set
    A set of 4 aluminum cookers that can be neatly stored together. Made of aluminum material, it is lightweight and convenient to carry. The cooker is a deep type and can be used for various cooking such as boiling water or boiling noodles. The lid can also be used as a frying pan. The handle is fol... Read More
    Mass (kg)  0.48  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (cm)  16.3×16.3×16.5  Material  Aluminum 
    from S$53.99
    Min. 7 days
  5. Captain Stag Aluminum Square Cooker
    CAPTAIN STAG Captain Stag Aluminum Square Cooker
    It is an aluminum rice bowl with high thermal conductivity. Lightweight and compact. It is convenient as tableware and a lunch box. Foldable, stable handle structure. There is a convenient scale on the inside of the main unit to measure the amount of rice and water. You can cook rice with a compa... Read More
    Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  (Body only) 138 x 209 x 68  Mass (g)  280  Size 
    from S$38.99
    Min. 4 days
  6. Aluminum mess tin 5 go
    Ooi Metal Aluminum mess tin 5 go
    Diameter x height (mm)  170×160  As ONE Part Number  62-6546-24  Material  Aluminum / alumite paint 
    from S$38.99
    Min. 9 days
  7. Aluminum frying pan 18cm
    Esbit Aluminum frying pan 18cm
    Lightweight and hard anodized, the bottom is engraved with a circular groove to improve thermal efficiency. The inside of the bread is treated to prevent burning.
    Mass (g)  149  Diameter x Length (Φmm x mm)  185 x 35H (when stored)  As ONE Part Number  62-7040-84 
    from S$29.99
    Min. 8 days
  8. Charcoal Grill ESBBQ Series
    Esbit Charcoal Grill ESBBQ Series
    An all-stainless steel and durable charcoal grill. If you carry it with you on a picnic, it will be more fun. Windshield (1 piece), grill handle, carry bag with strap, charcoal bag included
    Mass (g)  2450  Dimensions, when Assembled (mm)  305×230×180  Dimensions when Folded (mm)  305×230×90  As ONE Part Number  62-7040-87  Type  BBQ300 
    from S$189.90
    Min. 8 days
  9. Aluminum soup cup with handle
    Skater Aluminum soup cup with handle
    Soup cup with folding handle for camping, barbecue, etc. The handle can be folded for storage, making it easy to carry. Cannot be used for cooking. Cannot be used in microwave, oven, or grill. Do not use an automatic dishwasher or dish dryer.
    Diameter x height (cm)  12.8×5.2  Full water capacity (mL)  500  Mass (g)  80 
    from S$15.99
    Min. 6 days
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9 Item(s)

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