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  1. Spiral tube
    OHM ELECTRIC Spiral tube
    from S$2.79
    Min. 2 days
  2. Penchem CT (corrugated flexible tube)
    KOKUGO Penchem CT (corrugated flexible tube)
    Excellent bending fatigue life. It withstands almost all chemicals and has excellent stress crack durability. The length of the corrugated part can be shortened to 50% or extended to 140%. Since it is chemically inert, it does not contaminate liquids.
    from S$97.99
    Min. 13 days
  3. Spiral tube
    KOKUGO Spiral tube
    Bundling work can be done easily and quickly. Wires and pipes can be pulled out from anywhere, and moreover, tight and reliable wiring and pipe assembly can be performed. It has excellent wear resistance, flexibility, and high restoring force, so it can be used many times. For protective binding ... Read More
    from S$79.99
    Min. 7 days
  4. PFA flexible tube
    Tokyo Glass Kikai (TGK) PFA flexible tube
    Specification  30mm straight processing on both ends  Material  PFA  Bending Radius (mm)  R10  Color  Transparent 
    from S$48.99
    Min. 5 days
  5. PTFE spiral hose 10m
    FLON INDUSTRY PTFE spiral hose 10m
    Bundling work can be done easily. When bundling long items, it is a convenient product that can be tied from anywhere. It can be used for protection and bundling of tubes, electrical wiring, oil, aerodynamic equipment, piping, etc. PTFE milky white and can be used where chemical resistance is req... Read More
    Length (m)  10  Material  PTFE  Color  White 
    from S$259.90
    Min. 4 days
  6. PTFE Spiral Hose
    AS ONE PTFE Spiral Hose
    Bundling work can be done easily. Has excellent insulation. For bundling electrical wiring and protecting piping.
    Material  PTFE (fluororesin) 
    from S$329.90
    Min. 13 days
  7. Spiral hose
    FLON INDUSTRY Spiral hose
    Length Per Roll (m)  10  Material  Made of PTFE 
    from S$259.90
    Min. 18 days
  8. Flexible tube (PTFE)
    AS ONE Flexible tube (PTFE)
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8 Item(s)

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