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  1. Dark curtain
    KENIS Dark curtain
    Light and non-bulky nylon taffeta black fabric with rubberized light shielding (with sub-curtain).
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Height (m)  Width (m)  Type  Standard 
  2. Machine saw spare blade (3802 series)
    BAHCO Machine saw spare blade (3802 series)
    Bahco's unique high-quality, high-speed steel metal cutting saw blades are well-known around the world for their sharp sharpness and outstanding durability. All-high-speed steel molding from the body to the cutting edge (molybdenum-based high-speed steel). The saw blade is a two-tone paint wi... Read More
    Commodity condition  * There is a reason (opened / unused)  Thickness (mm)  1.6  Mass (g)  120  Width (mm)  32  Overall Length (mm)  350  Trusco Part No.  355-5551  Thread Per Inch  Hole Diameter (Φmm)  8.5 
  3. Gear type rotating slim stage  Φ30
    CHUO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL Gear type rotating slim stage Φ30
    A rotary stage that uses a worm gear as the feed method. A ground joint is used for the movement guide, and 360-degree fine movement feed is possible. It can be fixed with a clamp at any position. The center of the stage surface is a through hole. It can be widely used for precision positioning a... Read More
    Length of movement  (knob 1 rotation)about7.5°  Surface run out (mm)  Parallelism (mm)  Centricity (mm)  0.08  Mass (kg)  0.1  Load capacity (N)  9.8  Operation position  Both handles  Direction of movement  Direction of rotation  Travel distance (°)  Fine movement 360  Clamp  Knob screw type  Type  Rotating stage  Moving guide  Rubbing  Scale  Scale main 5 °  Feed method  Worm gear  Stage dimensions (mm)  Φ30 
  4. Pressure ventilation fan + protective guard for outdoor hood + made of mild steel wire
    Panasonic Pressure ventilation fan + protective guard for outdoor hood + made of mild steel wire
    * Do not install in salt-damaged areas as rust will occur early.
    Dimension B (mm)  104  Dimension C (mm)  122  Dimension A (mm)  282  Suitable Model  FY-20GSUD,20GSU3  Material  Made of mild steel wire  Color  Munsell value 9YR8.4 / 0.5 
  5. Wire rope cutter
    MCC Wire rope cutter
    The blade is made of the same material as the bolt clipper and is heat-treated for outstanding sharpness and durability. * This cutter is designed for JIS G3525 wire rope class G (150kgf / mm2 class) or less. Do not use for cutting other materials.
    Overall Length (mm)  1065  TGK Part No.  117-6188  Trusco Part No.  117-6188  Diameter of Wood Can Cut (mm)  20  Mass (kg)  8.50  Suitable Spare Blade / Cutter  WCE0210  Type  cutter 
  6. Wooden + basket decoration stand
    EBM Wooden + basket decoration stand
    Dimension (mm)  (Not used) Φ510 × 1, Φ480 × 1  Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  maker part number  4392920  Outer Dimensions (mm)  550×550×H800  Type  Material  Stand: cedar, basket: bamboo 
  7. PVC angle
    TMEH JAPAN PVC angle
    Accessories for pipe rack systems. The range of usage expands depending on the application. * This item will be handed over on the 1st floor.
    Standard Length (m)  (Nominal) 3  Dimensions, H x W (mm)  100×60  Mass (g)  3600  Color  Ivory  Material  PVC  Wall Thickness (mm)  t4 
  8. Rainbow mask + INFO-760
    MIGHT INDUSTRY Rainbow mask + INFO-760
    Lightweight type reduces the burden on workers! A clear view is secured by adopting a newly developed liquid crystal! LCD damage is drastically reduced by using impact resistant material! Wide range of shading density! "WELD # 8 ~ # 13" "CUT # 5 ~ # 8" The X-mode function redu... Read More
    Operating Temperature Range (℃)  -5~55  Sensitivity  0 to 10 (11 levels switching)  Return Speed (seconds)  0.1-0.8 (switch)  Response Time (seconds)  1/20000  Measurement Visual Field (mm)  102×49  Mass (g)  480  Type  Cap type  Mode  INFO mode: Time, arc time, arc count  Power Supply  Lithium battery (CR-2450 × 1) 
  9. Contact type rotation angle sensor + CPP-35 + series
    Midori Precisions Contact type rotation angle sensor + CPP-35 + series
    Output smoothness  0.1% or less  Rated Power (W)  0.3(50℃)  Resistance Value (Ω)  2k  Electrical Rotation Angle (°)  340(-3~+2)  Mechanical Rotation Angle (°)  360 endless  Shank Diameter (Φmm)  Type  Contact type  Single linearity (%)  ±1  Resistance Tolerance (%)  ±20 
  10. Commercial + frozen stocker (non-Freon)
    JCM Commercial + frozen stocker (non-Freon)
    Firmly frozen at -20 ° C or below With freezing capacity adjustment dial With 1 basket convenient for subdivision (without JCMC-41) Safe storage with key (without JCMC-41)) Easy to move with 4-wheel casters (without JCMC-41) Environmental protection by using isobutane gas (refrigerant) (excluding... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Inside temperature (℃)  -20  Mass (kg)  22  Capacity (L)  41  Power Consumption, at 50/60Hz (W)  41/43  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  495×315×866  Included Accessories  Frost spatula  Refrigerant  R-600a  Power Input (V)  Single phase 100 (50 / 60Hz) 
  11. (11201) Cover  set,  cylinder  head
    DAIHATSU (11201) Cover set, cylinder head
    * After receiving your order, we may check the vehicle information. * Please note that we may cancel your order if it is difficult to obtain some registered products due to discontinuation or other circumstances after receiving your order due to the manufacturer's circumstances. * Depending o... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened) 
  12. Commercial Hot / Cold Storage MOCA (1 Stage Type)
    ASTEP Commercial Hot / Cold Storage MOCA (1 Stage Type)
    A hot towel and a refrigerator can be combined into one to provide "Oshibori" according to the season and usage. Freely heat and cool by switching.
    Included Accessories  1 basket, 1 drain receptacle  Power Consumption (W)  100  Inside dimensions (mm)  230×190×150  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  310×360×250  Mass (kg)  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-0754-0201  TKG Part No.  7-0800-0201  Storage capacity (L)  Capacity  About 25-45  Inside temperature (℃)  Cold 2-7, warm 50-70  Temperature Control  Fixed thermostat  Door type  Front opening  Cooling Method  Peltier  Power Input (V)  Single phase 100 (50 / 60Hz)  Safety Device  Thermal and line fuses  Specification  With LED temperature display 
  13. Water bath
    The compact design with improved operability makes it an easy-to-use constant temperature water tank. The aquarium is protected to prevent burns due to contact. Comes with a drain plug for easy drainage.
    Operating Temperature Range (℃)  +5 to 90 (room temperature)  Additional Functions  Outer Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  240×300×150  Heater  500W (copper pipe heater)  Current (A)  Power Input (V)  AC100  Mass (kg)  About 3.5  Capacity (L)  About 3.7 (water tank)  Sensor  Liquid expansion type  Temperature Control Accuracy  ±2℃(at60℃) 
  14. Strike glasses spanner
    ASAHI TOOLS (Asahi metal Industry) Strike glasses spanner
    Ideal for tightening by hitting the striking part with a hammer while pulling a rope through the rear hole of the handle, or loosening rusted bolts and nuts.
    Trusco Part No.  117-0759  Dimension D (mm)  144  Mass (kg)  Hex Width Across (mm)  90  Dimension (mm)  90  Specification  Cr-V cationic electrodeposition coating  Type  Other special spanner  Shape  Straight (blow) 
  15. Transparent vinyl sheet
    MonotaRO Transparent vinyl sheet
    A thick and highly transparent vinyl sheet. It is less likely to wrinkle and has excellent durability. The surface is smooth and mirror-like. Partitions for various desk mats, for doors, for general miscellaneous goods * Do not use for any other purpose.
    Embrittlement Temperature (℃)  -50  Thickness (mm)  Length (m)  10  Right-Angle Tear Strength (N/cm)  788 vertical
    Width 810 
    Width (mm)  915  Plasticizer (PHR)  DOP  Material  Thick soft vinyl chloride  Color  Transparent  Tension Withstand Capacity  Vertical 2590
    Width 2528 
    Elongation (%)  Vertical 370
    Width 430 
    Surface  gloss  Hardness  ♯480 
  16. For radiator + domestic passenger car
    CoolingDoor For radiator + domestic passenger car
    "Cooling door" has a sales record of tens of thousands of radiators in Japan annually by accumulating many years of sales experience and achievements. It is a product produced at a factory that has a worldwide sales record from among many overseas manufacturers and has excellent managem... Read More
    Main Compatible Genuine Part No.  16400-67030  Warranty Period  18 months  Manufacturer  Toyota 
  17. Oil changer (hand air)
    SIGNET Oil changer (hand air)
    For extracting engine oil, mission oil, brake oil, etc.
    Capacity (L)  (Suction) 9.5  Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Suitable Air Pressure (MPa)  0.5~0.8  Tank Capacity (L)  10  Main Unit Dimensions (mm)  300×230×635  Mass (kg)  4.8  Heat Resistance Temperature (℃)  60  Classification of the Hazardous  Non-dangerous goods 
  18. Steam horse
    KOHSHIN RUBBER Steam horse
    Depending on the place of use, there is a risk that the outer surface of the hose will be invaded by oil, so we have adopted outer surface rubber that takes this into consideration. It is economical because it can be cut to the required length and used. For pumping steam.
    Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)  0.7  Operating Temperature (℃)  120 or less  Length (m)  20  Standard Mass (g/m)  2010  Inner Diameter (Φmm)  38.1  Number of compilation  4B  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  58.0  Type  For heat resistance 
  19. Cold protection safety boots  Safety bear # 1011 Polar bear (without hood)
    SHIBATA INDUSTRIAL Cold protection safety boots Safety bear # 1011 Polar bear (without hood)
    By adopting the new quilting "BLAXX", the heat retention has been improved compared to the past. Antibacterial and deodorant functions have also been added. It has shock absorption energy absorption E of the heel part. Anti-slip performance is improved by about 40% compared to the manuf... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Mass (kg)  1.78  Size (cm)  26  Length (cm)  30  Trusco Part No.  856-9217  Material  Body / Bottom: Natural rubber  Type of Shoes  Boots  Foot Width  EE  Shape  High cut  Type  Safety boots 
  20. No.15 + EZ + wax paste
    Auto Magic No.15 + EZ + wax paste
    100% natural carnauba wax paste wax. It has a wet-look luster and is durable with an elegant finish. It spreads well and is easy to wipe off, and the glossy luster lasts for a long time. VOC compliant product. Car body * It spreads well and is easy to wipe off, and the glossy luster lasts for a l... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  Applicable Body Color  All colors  Dilution Factor  Use undiluted solution 
  21. enjoy + EWG-409 + cardigan
    KARSEE enjoy + EWG-409 + cardigan
    The pocket mouth is casually finished in a ribbon style with a one-point accent. It is a design that is widely loved by everyone. It is a silhouette with a comfortable texture that women like and a sense of security with a moderate amount of space. Length 62cm (No. 9)
    Shoulder Width (cm)  36  Sleeve Length (cm)  54  Length (cm)  60  Fabric  70% acrylic, 15% nylon, 15% rayon  Chest Circumference (cm)  88  Color  Navy  Size  Material  Temperature control, home cleaning  Sex  for women 
  22. Color conductive rubber sheet
    TOGAWA RUBBER Color conductive rubber sheet
    It is a sheet made of natural rubber, which does not use vinyl chloride and has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, with conductivity.
    Electrical Resistance (Ω)  1.0×106  Oil Resistance  100 ° C × 72h immersion  Width (mm)  1000  Thickness (mm)  Length (m)  Hardness (Durometer A)  74  Hardness  75  Material  Front: NBR / PVC, Back: NBR  Color  Green / black 
  23. Manual Pump for Spring Return Type
    Osaka Jack Manual Pump for Spring Return Type
    The manual pump is used by connecting to a hydraulic hose with the hydraulic drive source of the power jack. It is a high / low pressure two-stage switching discharge type pump that returns to the spring and is used for self-weight return type jacks. The pressure resistant part of the pump uses s... Read More
    Effective Oil Capacity (L)  0.7  Dimension A (mm)  105  Dimension B (mm)  135  Dimension H (mm)  160  Outer Dimensions (mm)  160×590×135  Maximum Operating Pressure (Low Pressure) (MPa)  Connection: Rc (Tapered Thread for Pipe, Female)  3/8  Trusco Part No.  457-4711  Dimension L (mm)  590  Mass (kg)  7.0  Maximum Operating Pressure (High Pressure) (MPa)  72  Dimension C (mm)  85  Oil Discharge per One Lever Operation (mL)  High pressure: 2 / Low pressure: 11  Type  Manual hydraulic pump  Suitable Jack  Single acting (spring return) jack 
  24. Commercial Stainless Jar (Wood Grain)
    TIGER Commercial Stainless Jar (Wood Grain)
    The inside is durable and rust-resistant molybdenum steel. With a soup on the back of the lid to prevent the rice from sticking.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  Capacity  2 sho 2 go  Capacity (L)  3.9  Mass (kg)  4.4  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  430×360×250  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-0616-0201  TKG Part No.  7-0652-0201  Warm Keeping Temperature  76 degrees or more (6 hours) 
  25. Handbag paper bag  Black
    AS ONE Handbag paper bag Black
    Size  35 × 13 × 27cm thickness  Type  35×13×27  As ONE Part Number  61-7308-98  Material  Unbleached kraft paper  Specification  With mouth ball and bottom cardboard 
  26. Weight counter  (N3)
    MAZDA Weight counter (N3)
    * After receiving your order, we may check the vehicle information. * Please note that we may cancel your order if it is difficult to obtain some registered products due to discontinuation or other circumstances after receiving your order due to the manufacturer's circumstances. * Depending o... Read More
  27. Cone sign top II (A3 side)
    UNIT (UNIT SAFETY SIGNS) Cone sign top II (A3 side)
    A3 size that stands out well * Cone and weight are sold separately. * Please be sure to use weights.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Mass (kg)  0.8  Trusco Part No.  114-8189  Size (mm)  488×464×88  Size  A3 side  Type of Sign  Color cone mounting  Material  High density polyethylene  Type  One side 
  28. Singer Nitrile Disposable Gloves No.200
    Utsunomiya Seisaku Singer Nitrile Disposable Gloves No.200
    Thickness (mm)  0.12  Quantity (Sheets)  100  Palm Circumference (cm)  19  Overall Length (cm)  25  Mass (g)  600  Middle Finger Length (cm)  8.3  Palm Width (cm)  9.5  Color  Blue  Standard  Compliant with Food Sanitation Act  Size  Function  Oil, chemical, and puncture resistance  Material  Synthetic rubber (nitrile rubber)  with or without Powder  With powder  Embossing  Without embossing 
  29. New Poly Bag 03
    Fukusuke Kogyo New Poly Bag 03
    New poly bags have excellent strength, transparency, and openness. It is very convenient because it has an outlet.
    Thickness (mm)  0.03  Dimensions, Width W x Length L (mm)  120×230  Type  No.7 
  30. Caster pail
    AS ONE Caster pail
    As ONE Part Number  2-8633-01  Capacity (L)  45  Color  Blue  Material  PP (polypropylene)  Type  With casters 
  31. High Pressure Plastic Sheet
    YOTSUGI High Pressure Plastic Sheet
    Since the material is EVA containing synthetic fibers, it is lighter than rubber products. For protection of the charging part when working directly or in close proximity to the charging part of an electric circuit of 7000V or less
    Length (m)  Mass (kg)  1.02  Thickness (mm)  1.5  Test voltage (V / 1 min)  20000  Trusco Part No.  466-6551  Applicable Voltage (V)  7000 or less  Width (mm)  800  Material  EVA resin 
  32. Single-phase motor + capacitor start capacitor operation type + drip-proof protection type motor
    Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Single-phase motor + capacitor start capacitor operation type + drip-proof protection type motor
    The outer cover has ventilation holes for cooling the inside of the motor, and it is used in the widest range of applications. Pumps, compressors, dryers, drilling machines, rice mills, mochitsuki machines.
    Mass (kg)  (Motor only) 17  Dimension CW (mm)  Dimension H2 (mm)  Output (kW)  0.75  Dimensions z1 (mm)  10  Voltage (V)  100/200(50Hz)、100/110/200/220(60Hz)  Heat Resistance Class  120(E)  Dimension N (mm)  155  Dimension R (mm)  158.5  Dimension D (mm)  162  Dimension A (mm)  166.5  Dimension H1 (mm)  171  Dimension M (mm)  175  Dimension S (Φmm)  19j6  Dimensions z2 (mm)  25  Dimension K (mm)  32  Dimension L (mm)  325  Dimension G (mm)  Number of poles (P)  Dimension XB (mm)  56  Dimension F (mm)  62.5  Dimension E (mm)  70  Frame No.  90  Dimension C (mm)  90(0~-0.5)  Rating  Continuous  Housing Structure  Drip-proof protection type  Type  General-purpose motor  Protection Method  IP22  Installation Location  Indoor  Applicable Standard  JIS C4203、JEC-2137-2000  Type of Sign  Leg mounting  Paint Color  Rigel Gray (Munsell 8.9Y5.1 / 0.3)  Power Supply  Single-phase 
  33. Toughnel + oil blotter + (sheet type)
    Mitsui Chemicals Toughnel + oil blotter + (sheet type)
    It has more than 12 times the oil adsorption power of its own weight. It is lighter than the conventional product (BL type). For oil. * After adsorbing oils, consult a specialist and dispose of them according to their properties.
    Absorption (L/box)  (Oil) 110  Trusco Part No.  361-3241  Thickness (mm)  Dimensions, Height x Width (mm)  500×500  Mass (kg)  Type  Sheet type  Material  Polypropylene (PP)  Color  White 
  34. Lightweight rack + 150kg
    MonotaRO Lightweight rack + 150kg
    Just plug it in to assemble it. Assembly and disassembly can be done in a short time with a small number of parts. The shelves can be adjusted at a pitch of 50 mm according to the size and application of the contents. In addition, the shelves can be easily moved up and down because the shelves ar... Read More
    Opening Width (mm)  1200  Load Capacity (kg/Shelf)  150  Height (mm)  1800  Mass (kg)  30  Length (mm)  300  Frame Width (mm)  40  Number of Shelves  5 steps  Shelf Spacing (mm)  50  Specification  Boltless  Color  Light green  Type  Single item  Wall Thickness (mm)  Top and bottom board: 35 Shelf board: 35 
  35. Electric high-speed green onion cutter
    HIRANO WORKS Electric high-speed green onion cutter
    You can cut condiments and cut lotus with one unit. The high-speed type allows quick preparation. Moreover, the number of rotations can be switched between two stages according to the work and material. There is a manual green onion feeding device and it can be cut to the end without waste. Parts... Read More
    Power Consumption (W)  120  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  190×300×360  Mass (kg)  Rated Time (minutes)  30  Width of inlet (mm)  35×35  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-0593-0701  TKG Part No.  7-0629-0701  Power Input (V)  Single phase 100 (50 / 60Hz)  Material  plastic 
  36. Single door + M-LF / XF type
    Woodone Single door + M-LF / XF type
    This product is a part number only for the single door body, not a set part number including the frame and lever handle. Please note.
    Dimension (mm)  1995×703×36  Hanging base  Left and right combined use  Color  Pale (maple pattern)  Type  Vertical wood grain pattern 
  37. Lifeline  32W type
    HotaluX Lifeline 32W type
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Current (A)  0.435  Rated Average Life (hours)  12000  Mass (g)  182  Total Luminous Flux (Lm)  2090  Rated Lamp Power (W)  32  Pipe Diameter (Φmm)  32.5  Type  Straight tube fluorescent lamp  Bulb Length (mm)  830  Compatible Light Tube  FG-5P  Types of Light Bulb  Fluorescent lamp  Starting Type  Glow starter type  Color  White  Light Color  White 
  38. Small rotating light  SKH-A type
    PATLITE Small rotating light SKH-A type
    Compatible with a wide range of applications and does not rust. It is all plastic. Gloves: Acrylic resin light bulbs with excellent weather resistance and translucency are easily available, and we use automobile light bulbs that are resistant to vibration. Uses a small motor that achieves long li... Read More
    Mass (kg)  0.4  Nominal Sectional Area (mm2 0.5  Current (A)  0.5  Light bulb No.  10  External Dimensions, Outer Diameter x Total Length (Φmm × mm)  118×160  Installation Height (mm)  142  Number of Flashes (min -1 [times/min])  170  Lead Wire Length (mm)  200  Light Bulb  24V10W(No.10)  Leader line type  AV  Bolster  BA15S  Rated Voltage (V)  DC24  Bulb Shape  Glass ball G18  Material  Globe: Acrylic resin  Protection Class  IP23  Light Source  Incandescent light bulb  Type  Small rotating light  Specification  With electronic buzzer  Color  Yellow 
  39. Surface Pro Signature Type Cover
    Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover
    We recommend a pair of Surface Pro Signature type cover and Surface Pro 7 for comfortable typing anywhere. It also comes with a sleek, compact backlit key and a large trackpad. Compatible with Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (5th generation), and Surface Pro 6 devices. * ... Read More
    Color  Ice blue 
  40. Pilot type  5 port valve  SELEX valve  4F3 series
    CKD Pilot type 5 port valve SELEX valve 4F3 series
    Ambient Temperature (℃)  -5~60  Operating Pressure (MPa)  0.10-1.0  Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)  1.0  Assured Pressure Resistance (MPa)  1.5  Trusco Part No.  110-3351  Number of Positions  Switching Method  2 position single  Connection: Rc (Tapered Thread for Pipe, Female)  3/8  Shock Resistance (m/s2 300 or less  Effective Section Area (mm2 32  Number of Ports  Fluid Temperature (℃)  5~60  Rated Voltage (V)  AC100(50/60Hz)  Suitable Fluid  Compressed air  Wiring Connection  DIN terminal box  Type  Direct piping type  Protection Class  Dust proof  Valve Type  Pilot type soft spool valve  Connector Diameter  RC3/8  Lubrication  Unnecessary  Vibration (m/s2 less than 50 
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