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  1. Dark curtain
    KENIS Dark curtain
    Light and non-bulky nylon taffeta black fabric with rubberized light shielding (with sub-curtain).
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Height (m)  Width (m)  Type  Standard 
  2. Machine saw spare blade (3802 series)
    BAHCO Machine saw spare blade (3802 series)
    Bahco's unique high-quality, high-speed steel metal cutting saw blades are well-known around the world for their sharp sharpness and outstanding durability. All-high-speed steel molding from the body to the cutting edge (molybdenum-based high-speed steel). The saw blade is a two-tone paint wi... Read More
    Commodity condition  * There is a reason (opened / unused)  Thickness (mm)  1.6  Mass (g)  120  Width (mm)  32  Overall Length (mm)  350  Trusco Part No.  355-5551  Thread Per Inch  Hole Diameter (Φmm)  8.5 
  3. Core Rod Driving Anchor All-Anchor (Stainless Steel)
    SANKO TECHNO Core Rod Driving Anchor All-Anchor (Stainless Steel)
    Ideal for construction sites where corrosion resistance is required. All stainless steel products. For construction work and equipment work where rust prevention is desired. For fixing belt conveyor legs, mounting caps, mounting sanitary fixtures, step mounting, floor support bracket mounting, et... Read More
    Maximum Proportional Load (kN)  10.7  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  12  Drill Diameter (Φmm)  12.7  Mass (g/piece)  142.1  Overall Length (mm)  150  Maximum Tensile Load (kN)  17.1  Maximum Thickness to Fix (mm)  1~86  Maximum Shear Load (kN)  24.4  Trusco Part No.  309-5738  Embedding Depth (mm)  50  Screw Length (mm)  50  Thread Size  M12  Type  Stainless steel  Material  Stainless steel (SUS304 series) 
  4. R-EVO  Titanium silencer  Zoomer (cab) AF58
    BEAMS R-EVO Titanium silencer Zoomer (cab) AF58
    * We recommend that you ask a maintenance company to replace this product. Compensation may not be possible if the replacement work is done individually. * The bike itself is sold separately.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  Volume (dB)  78.5 
  5. Paper Disposable Formwork Sonomold
    Showa Marutsutsu Paper Disposable Formwork Sonomold
    Paper disposable concrete specimen mold. Lightweight and safe because it is a paper tube. Concrete specimen mold
    Dimensions, Diameter x Height H (Φmm x mm)  100×200  JIS Standard  A-5308 
  6. Dimensional pan  Aluminum (with alumite processing and scale)
    TKG Dimensional pan Aluminum (with alumite processing and scale)
    The surface is anodized to protect the soft and easily scratched aluminum fabric. Since it is an alumite film layer that is not eroded by foodstuffs, it is easy to handle and clean.
    Capacity (L)  103.0  Wall Thickness (mm)  2.5  Bottom thickness (mm)  Nominal dimension (cm)  51  Inner Diameter (Φmm)  510  Outer Diameter x Depth (Φmm x mm)  533×510  TKG Part No. (2017)  6-0035-0112  TKG Part No.  8-0031-0112  Mass (kg)  9.4 
  7. Single Suction Type Sirocco Fan Mini Type Silent
    Mitsubishi Electric Single Suction Type Sirocco Fan Mini Type Silent
    Achieves high durability of bearings. (Urea grease is used for motor bearings) Square frame shape that is easy to install. Compact motor direct connection type. Low noise design. Compact, lightweight and easy to install. The motor and blades can be attached and detached while the duct is piped.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  External static pressure (Pa)  0(50Hz)、0(60Hz)  Voltage (V)  100  Air Volume (m3/h)  1080(50Hz)、1140(60Hz)  Power Consumption (W)  165(50Hz)、225(60Hz)  Blade Diameter (Φmm)  180  Nominal Output (W)  200(50Hz)、200(60Hz)  Dimensions, H x W x D (mm)  300×300×268  Mass (kg)  9.6  Noise Level (dB)  59.50(50Hz)、60(60Hz)  Duct Diameter (Φmm)  Entrance: 200.0, Exit: 200.0  Power Supply  Single-phase 
  8. Cut resistant gloves  Cut guard 132  Blue
    MIDORI ANZEN Cut resistant gloves Cut guard 132 Blue
    Ideal for inner gloves. Can be washed and used repeatedly. The hem is overlocked to prevent fraying, and long fibers are used for low dust generation. Automotive related, glass related, waste treatment * High-strength polyethylene is generally superior in light resistance, chemical resistance, an... Read More
    Thickness (mm)  0.9  Quantity per Package (Pair)  10  Gauge No.  13 gauge seamless  Palm Circumference (cm)  17.2  Overall Length (cm)  19.0  Cut Resistance  Mass (g)  33  Middle Finger Length (cm)  6.4  Trusco Part No.  819-2467  Color  Blue  Size 
  9. Blind fence stand
    Panasonic Blind fence stand
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Voltage (V)  100~242  Energy Consumption Efficiency (Lm/W)  158.2  Width (mm)  230  Length (mm)  2438  Power Consumption (W)  39.8  Mass (kg)  4.6  Height (mm)  50  Total Luminous Flux (Lm)  6400  Color Temperature (K)  6500  Specification  Built-in LED and power supply unit  Light Color  Daylight  Suitable for  FK82533  Type  Non-dimming / General type  Material (Cover)  Polycarbonate (milk white)  Ra  Ra83  Material (Main Unit)  Zinc steel plate (white) 
  10. Deburring wheel
    3M Deburring wheel
    Highly accurate deburring work can be easily performed without generating secondary burrs and changing the dimensions of the main body. "Scotch-Brite" is hardened into a wheel shape and has improved deburring ability by high-speed rotation. Please use with the double-headed grinder you ... Read More
    Trusco Part No.  126-5458  Diameter (Φmm)  200  Outer Diameter (mm)  200  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  200  Inner Diameter (Φmm)  25  Hole Diameter (Φmm)  25  Thickness (mm)  25  Grain Size, Compatible Finish  320  Abrasive Grain Size  320  Maximum Rotation Speed (min-1[rpm])  3600  Abrasive  Aluminum oxide  Color  Dark brown  Type  Hardness  Abrasive Structure  Non-woven  Suitable Tool  Tabletop grinder 
  11. Steel Frame for Clamp
    MonotaRO Steel Frame for Clamp
    A clamp for connecting a steel frame and a single tube. A clamp with excellent stability, rust resistance, and durability. There are orthogonal and fixed types, so you can use it according to your needs. Certified by the Temporary Industry Association. For joining steel frames and single tubes * ... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  Mass (kg)  1.18 (per pc)  Suitable Pipe Diameter (Φmm)  48.6  Type  Orthogonal (fixed) 
  12. Non-slip roll roll  30m
    Car-boy Non-slip roll roll 30m
    It has a non-slip effect just by laying it down. You can prevent it from slipping just by laying it under your luggage. For non-slip feet. For non-slip trunk room and loading platform.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  Mass (kg)  12.5  Thickness (mm)  Length (m)  30  Trusco Part No.  417-4402  Width (mm)  900  Color  Black  Material  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 
  13. Tile carpet  GA-400
    TOLI Tile carpet GA-400
    Excellent cost performance. Ideal for small spaces such as conference rooms. * Adhesive application method is different for double floor construction. * There is a material-specific odor. Please keep ventilation in mind. * Before construction, let it acclimatize to the room temperature of the sit... Read More
    Gauge  1/10  Stitch  14  Pile Length (mm)  3 (loop pile)  Dimension (mm)  500×500  Total thickness (mm)  Flameproof Performance Test Number  EO970014  Formaldehyde grade  F☆☆☆☆  Series  GA-400  Color  GA4007  Material (Pile)  Original polypropylene 100%  Material (Backing)  PVC resin + glass fiber cloth  Material (Base Fabric)  Polyester nonwoven fabric 
  14. (76801) Back Door Garnish SUB-ASSY Out Side
    TOYOTA MOTOR (76801) Back Door Garnish SUB-ASSY Out Side
    * After receiving your order, we may check the vehicle information. * Please note that we may cancel your order if it is difficult to obtain some registered products due to discontinuation or other circumstances after receiving your order due to the manufacturer's circumstances. * Depending o... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened) 
  15. NRBM type  Circuit protector
    IDEC NRBM type Circuit protector
    The NRBM type is a small series with the highest rated current among IDEC circuit protectors. Uses an electromagnetic trip method that is not affected by the ambient temperature. Trip-free structure. With auxiliary contact and alarm contact. With inertia delay. Vibration-resistant design that is ... Read More
    Rated Breaking Capacity (kA)  (AC250V/DC65V)1  Terminal Shape  (Main terminal) M5 stud screw  Number of Poles  Rated Current (A)  20  Rated Voltage (V)  AC250/DC65  Protection Method  Electromagnetic trip method  Operation Method  Lever type  Operating Patterns  Medium speed type (AA characteristics)  Type  No inertia delay  Attached Device  None  Type of Sign  Screw mounting  Internal Circuit  Series trip (current trip) 
  16. PP Cross Mokko
    H.H.H. Mfg. PP Cross Mokko
    Lightweight and easy to use.
    Operating Load (ton)  Outer Frame Diameter (mm)  2100×2100  Material (Belt)  Polyester  Material (Seat)  Polypyroprene 
  17. Tube bender
    SUPER TOOL Tube bender
    Optimal for bending copper pipes. Annealed stainless steel pipes and OST copper pipes are also available. With a soft rubber grip on the hand. The handle is made of special alloy steel and is tough.
    Bending Angle  0~180(°)  Trusco Part No.  178-0891  Mass (kg)  2.7  Applicable Pipe Outer Diameter (inch)  5/8  Suitable Tube Outer Diameter (Φmm)  5/8(15.88)  Minimum Bending Radius (mm)  57.2  Overall Length (mm)  735 
  18. Submersible High Spin Pump for Filth (Banks Series) PU Type
    TSURUMI MANUFACTURING Submersible High Spin Pump for Filth (Banks Series) PU Type
    It uses a high-spin (vortex) type impeller and has a large foreign matter passage diameter, so it can handle liquids containing various foreign matter. The stand adopts a shape that is hard to get entangled with long objects. For wastewater transfer of septic tanks For wastewater from filth tanks... Read More
    Output (kW)  0.4  Operating Temperature Range (℃)  0~40  Suitable Cable Outer Dia. (Φmm)  10.1  Dimension B (mm)  102  Remaining Water Level (mm)  115  Dimension FL1 (mm)  115  Dimension A1 (mm)  115  Discharge Rate (L/min)  150  Dimension D (Φmm)  173  Number of Poles  Dimension A (mm)  236  Trusco Part No.  280-8552  Synchronous Speed (min -1 3000  Diameter of Foreign Object to Pass (Φmm)  35  Dimension H (mm)  374  Frequency (Hz)  50  Discharge Diameter (Φmm)  50  Cable Length (m)  Lifting Height (m)  6.5  Dimension FL2 (mm)  607  Mass (kg)  7.7  Dimension D1 (Φmm)  76  Dimension A2 (mm)  81  Dimension B1 (mm)  90  Dimension D2 (Φmm)  97  Type  Automatic type  Starting Method  Capacitor operation  Motor  Dry type submersible induction motor  Structure (Impeller)  High spin  Built-in Protection Device  Miniature protector  Insulation Class  Motor: Class E  Lubrication  Motor: Turbine oil VG32  Material (Casing)  Resin (with glass fiber) (pump)  Material (Impeller)  Resin (with glass fiber) (pump)  Material (Spindle)  SUS304  Material (Frame)  SUS304  Structure (Bearing)  Sealed ball bearing  Material (Shaft Seal)  SiC (mechanical seal)  Voltage (V)  Single phase 100  Material (Cable)  VCT(3×1.25) 
  19. Strike glasses spanner
    ASAHI TOOLS (Asahi metal Industry) Strike glasses spanner
    Ideal for tightening by hitting the striking part with a hammer while pulling a rope through the rear hole of the handle, or loosening rusted bolts and nuts.
    Trusco Part No.  117-0759  Dimension D (mm)  144  Mass (kg)  Hex Width Across (mm)  90  Dimension (mm)  90  Specification  Cr-V cationic electrodeposition coating  Type  Other special spanner  Shape  Straight (blow) 
  20. Transparent vinyl sheet
    MonotaRO Transparent vinyl sheet
    A thick and highly transparent vinyl sheet. It is less likely to wrinkle and has excellent durability. The surface is smooth and mirror-like. Partitions for various desk mats, for doors, for general miscellaneous goods * Do not use for any other purpose.
    Embrittlement Temperature (℃)  -50  Thickness (mm)  Length (m)  10  Right-Angle Tear Strength (N/cm)  788 vertical
    Width 810 
    Width (mm)  915  Plasticizer (PHR)  DOP  Material  Thick soft vinyl chloride  Color  Transparent  Tension Withstand Capacity  Vertical 2590
    Width 2528 
    Elongation (%)  Vertical 370
    Width 430 
    Surface  gloss  Hardness  ♯480 
  21. Flow meter
    KOFLOC Flow meter
    Comes with a metal block and needle valve. * If you order by cash on delivery, it may be shipped the next day or later.
    Flow range (L / min)  10 (20 ° C calibration)  As ONE Part Number  2-7997-03  Measurable Fluid  AIR / Nitrogen 
  22. Office chair + back mesh type + with elbows
    TRUSCO Office chair + back mesh type + with elbows
    The back is made of a mesh material that pursues breathability, making it a comfortable office chair. * Please note the following points for products shipped directly from the furniture manufacturer.・ Measure the dimensions of the installation location and check if the product you ordered can be... Read More
    Mass (kg)  12.7  Trusco Part No.  414-3779  Seat Depth (mm)  450  Seat Height (mm)  450~540  Seat Width (mm)  470  Color  Blue  Type  Office chair  Seat Material  Upholstered  Armrest  Yes 
  23. Input expansion block
    Mitsubishi Electric Input expansion block
    This is an expansion device that receives power from the basic unit or expansion unit.
    Mass (kg)  0.3  Number of Input Points  16 points  Number of Input/Output Points  16 points  Outer dimensions, Width W x Height H x Depth D (mm)  40×90×87  Power supply specifications  Basic, power supply from extension unit  Connection shape  Connector terminal block  Input Specifications  DC24V sink input 5mA  Models that can be expanded  FX1N,FX2N,FX3U,FX1NC,FX2NC,FX3UC 
  24. Sliding door parts  Braking device for sliding door closer 5C type  L = 450
    NEW STAR (NIPPON DOOR CHECK MFG) Sliding door parts Braking device for sliding door closer 5C type L = 450
    Easy to install because it is a custom-made product that matches the inner width of the sash and the dimensions of the door. (The rail has been cut to fit the inner width of the sash.) It opens lightly and the door closes quietly. Compatible with door widths of 770 to 1400 mm. Compact type with a... Read More
    Dimension (mm)  DW871~970 
  25. Carpet tile NT350 (case sale)
    Sangetsu Carpet tile NT350 (case sale)
    Has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance. It has the property of not easily fading even against sunlight and chlorine bleach. It has excellent antistatic properties. Since conductive yarn is mixed in the pile, the antistatic property of 1KV or less is continuously maintained. Suit... Read More
    Antistatic (KV)  1 or less  Pile density  1/10G×10.5ST  Pile Length (mm)  3.5 loop (total thickness 6.2)  Size (cm)  50×50  Type  Basic  Flameproof Performance Test Number  EO 060039  Function  Flame prevention, antistatic  Part No.  NT316  Color  NT316  Series  NT350  Material (Pile)  Original polypropylene 100%  Material (Gasket)  PVC glass nonwoven fabric 
  26. Digital amplifier separated photoelectric sensor (laser type) (sensor head)  E3C Digital amplifier separated photoelectric sensor (laser type) (sensor head) E3C
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened) 
  27. Freno Link Bolt A
    MARTEC Freno Link Bolt A
    The link always faces the load direction. Horizontal suspension and reversal work of molds and concrete products.
    Dimension K (mm)  179  Dimension L (mm)  214  Dimension D (mm)  32  Breaking Load (kN)  392.3  Trusco Part No.  401-1872  Dimension H (mm)  60  Mass (kg)  7.4  Basic Operating Load (ton)  Dimension E (mm)  99  Bolt Diameter  M36  Material  Special alloy steel 
  28. LEDioc Outdoor Spotlight
    IWASAKI ELECTRIC LEDioc Outdoor Spotlight
    For LED eye lamps.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Mass (kg)  0.7  Material  Aluminum die casting  Type  By lamp  Act on Promoting Green Procurement  Conformity  Color (Body)  Dark silver  Sensor  None 
  29. Charging Circular Saw 2 Charging Power Cutter 135 (for Both Iron and Woodworking 14.4V / 18V)
    Panasonic Charging Circular Saw 2 Charging Power Cutter 135 (for Both Iron and Woodworking 14.4V / 18V)
    * EZ45A2XM-H and EZ45A2XW-H are main units only. Batteries and chargers are not included.
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / opened)  Cutting Depth (mm)  0 to 46 (for cutting at right angle)  Outer Diameter of Saw Blade (Φmm)  135  Battery Voltage (V)  14.4/18  Trusco Part No.  475-5537  Specification  LED light with brake 
  30. Tough Road Sheet
    UNIT (UNIT SAFETY SIGNS) Tough Road Sheet
    It lasts a long time even in environments where there has been a lot of peeling, such as road surfaces and factory warehouses. It has overwhelming durability against twisting of tires. It is easy to install by just applying adhesive and stretching.
    Trusco Part No.  124-0643  Size (mm)  150 × 1000 × 0.3 thickness  Mass (g)  90  Material  Special acrylic film  Type of Sign  adhesive  Sign Meaning  pause 
  31. Low density polyethylene foam + L-1400
    SUNPELCA Low density polyethylene foam + L-1400
    Protects products and the human body from all impacts. An airtight buffer that does not allow water or sound to pass through. A closed cell based on polyethylene resin. The bubbles are extremely fine and have a soft, flexible feel. Among various plastic foams, it has excellent cushioning, heat in... Read More
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Width (mm)  1000  Compressive stress 25% (kPa)  140  Length (mm)  2000  Thickness (mm)  Apparent density (kg / m 3 65  Material  Polyethylene resin  Color  Yellow 
  32. Electric speedometer  Tachometer  Φ80  Black body  White LED  200km / h  9000rpm  VELONA
    DAYTONA Electric speedometer Tachometer Φ80 Black body White LED 200km / h 9000rpm VELONA
    A 2-needle type speed and tachometer that combines a spherical lens with a Φ80 stainless steel body. Speedometer 200km / h, tachometer 9000rpm display. It is a multifunctional meter with various indicators. Anti-vibration meter stay with a mounting pitch of 45 mm can be used. * Vehicles with a me... Read More
  33. For radiator + domestic passenger car
    CoolingDoor For radiator + domestic passenger car
    "Cooling door" has a sales record of tens of thousands of radiators in Japan annually by accumulating many years of sales experience and achievements. It is a product produced at a factory that has a worldwide sales record from among many overseas manufacturers and has excellent managem... Read More
    Main Compatible Genuine Part No.  16400-67030  Warranty Period  18 months  Manufacturer  Toyota 
  34. Oil changer (hand air)
    SIGNET Oil changer (hand air)
    For extracting engine oil, mission oil, brake oil, etc.
    Capacity (L)  (Suction) 9.5  Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Suitable Air Pressure (MPa)  0.5~0.8  Tank Capacity (L)  10  Main Unit Dimensions (mm)  300×230×635  Mass (kg)  4.8  Heat Resistance Temperature (℃)  60  Classification of the Hazardous  Non-dangerous goods 
  35. High steam iron
    Naomoto Kogyo (NAOMOTO) High steam iron
    A drop-type high steam iron that does not require a boiler and can be easily used by anyone. Professional irons can be used without a boiler. Since it does not take up space, we support a wide range of stores such as cleaning shops, sewing factories, clothing specialty stores, department stores, ... Read More
  36. Plate type electric blower
    Yodogawa Electric Tool Mfg. Plate type electric blower
    The plate-type electric blower is compact, lightweight, low-noise, and has a long-life design that can be safely operated continuously. A general-purpose type suitable for general purposes such as intake and exhaust, and for all types of equipment. Dust collector, woodworking machine, crusher, dr... Read More
    Output (kW)  0.4  Maximum Static Pressure (kPa) (50Hz/60Hz)  1.18/1.67  Maximum Static Pressure (kPa)  1.18/1.67  Current (A) (50 / 60Hz)  1.8/2.3  Suction Port Diameter (Φmm)  125  Exhaust Port Diameter (mm)  125  Intake Diameter (Φmm)  125  Maximum Air Flow, 50/60Hz (m3/min)  15.0/17.0  Mass (kg)  19.3  Changeable Directions of Discharging Port  3 directions  Power Supply Voltage (V)  3 phase 200  No-load Rotation Speed [50/60Hz] (min -1 [rpm])  3000/3600  Main Unit Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  397×382×384  Power Consumption, at 50/60Hz (W)  400  Output (W)  400  Frequency (Hz)  50 / 60Hz combined use  Motor Type  Fully enclosed outer fan type  Structure (Impeller)  Plate fan  Direction of Rotation  Right  Discharge Port  Right discharge  Type  Standard type 
  37. Constant flow rate type airline mask  No. 12 D
    KOKEN Constant flow rate type airline mask No. 12 D
    Wide range of action, suitable for long-term use. * Cannot be used in an oxygen-deficient environment (oxygen concentration less than 14%). * Cannot be used in an environment where toxic gas is present in high concentration or when exposed for a short time and is dangerous to life.
    Type  Two snake tube type  Specification  Portable filter cylinder type 
  38. Commercial vacuum cleaner + clean room for dry waste
    Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Commercial vacuum cleaner + clean room for dry waste
    Designed for use in harsh clean rooms. "Nanotitanium alleroff sterilization deodorant ULPA filter" that catches even 0.1 μm fine dust, efficiently catches odor molecules and decomposes them firmly. In addition, by the action of artificial enzymes contained in the filter, 99% or more of ... Read More
    Dust Collection Particle size (μm)  0.1  Particle Collection Efficiency (%)  0.1μm/99.99、0.15μm/99.9995  Mass (kg)  10.2  Power Consumption (W)  1050  Maximum Airflow (m3/min)  2.1  Maximum vacuum pressure (kPa)  23.3  Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  283×327×657  Trusco Part No.  298-5977  Suction Work Rate (W)  320  Dust Capacity (L)  4.5  Operation Sound (dB)  62  Noise Level (dB)  62  As ONE Part Number  7-1033-01  Dust Collection System  Paper pack  Power Supply  Single phase 100V 
  39. Genuine fuser unit Oki Data + Oki Data + FUS-C4H
    Oki Data Genuine fuser unit Oki Data + Oki Data + FUS-C4H
    Commodity condition  * Reasonable (unused / unopened)  Print Ability, 5% Printing on A4 Paper (sheets)  60000  Suitable for  C711dn/C610dn  Type  Genuine product  Suitable Manufacturer  Oki data 
  40. Commercial pressure ventilation fan + lattice type + with electric shutter + exhaust only + single-phase 100V
    Mitsubishi Electric Commercial pressure ventilation fan + lattice type + with electric shutter + exhaust only + single-phase 100V
    ・ Strong / weak speed adjustment ・ Antistatic processing is applied to the resin part to reduce dust adhesion due to static electricity (lattice part, orifice part)
    External static pressure (Pa)  (50/60Hz)0/0  Nominal Output (W)  (50/60Hz)25/25  Power Input (V)  100  Blade Diameter (Φmm)  250  Dimensions, H x W x D (mm)  372×372×245  Mass (kg)  5.6  Type  For 25cm  Power Supply  Single-phase  Power Consumption, at 50/60Hz (W)  Strong: 35/40, weak: 32 / 33.50, 35/40  Color  White 
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