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The transport, storage, and storage category includes tools for transporting seedlings, harvests, and work tools, as well as storage specialists and cold storage for brown rice and vegetables. Carry house cars used for transportation in the house are small push-cart types. Each product features light and durable materials, adjustable tire width to eaves width, adjustment of bed width / height / guide height, and detachable handle. Wagon types, electric vehicles, passenger work vehicles that can sit and work, and rear cars are also used as vehicles. In addition, seedling racks, seedling box transport shelves and storage shelves are used to transport seedlings by light tigers, unicycles, and forklifts.
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  1. Seedling box band
    Hokuetsu Seedling box band
    The hook part is made of steel and lasts a long time. Because it is a special rubber developed for the seedling box band, it has excellent durability. With a generous storage bag, it is very convenient for storage. It can be set several times faster than strings, etc., making it ideal for transpo... Read More
    from S$85.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. Battery for electric vehicle "Nekyoshi" 4 wheel type
    Alumis Battery for electric vehicle "Nekyoshi" 4 wheel type
    RoHS directive (corresponding to 10 substances)  Correspondence 
    from S$689.90
    Min. 5 days
  3. For nae catch pot
    Hokuetsu For nae catch pot
    D-shaped handle shape that is easy to hold. The shape designed for pots makes it easy to hook.
    Dimension, Overall Length (mm)  480~780  Material  Aluminum, steel  Mass (g)  514/1 book (2 pieces / set) 
    from S$119.90
    Min. 4 days
  4. Lift frame
    Hokuetsu Lift frame
    Safe by hanging 4 points evenly with hooks at 4 corners! Safe with a special hook shape that prevents the rope from coming off! It is safe to prevent the lift frame from coming off from the claws by preventing the chain and bolts from coming off twice!
    Dimension (mm)  1025×950×145  Lifting Capacity (kg)  1250  Mass (kg)  33  Material  Steel 
    from S$1,199.00
    Min. 6 days
  5. Rakutaro
    HARAX Rakutaro
    Since the height and tire width can be adjusted, you can work according to the field. A maximum of 7 20kg containers can be mounted. * Delivery to private homes is not possible.
    Length x Width W x Height (mm)  1430×1200~1900×840~1040  Tire width (mm)  1150~1750  Material  Body: Aluminum alloy  Platform Dimensions (mm)  920×1070~1670  Uniform Load (kg)  150 
    from S$1,499.00
    Min. 3 days
  6. Rear tire for large house car
    Alumis Rear tire for large house car
    Suitable for  AKZ-D4NP 
    from S$49.99
    Min. 5 days
  7. 540x385mm / 50kg house car (aluminum)
    ESCO 540x385mm / 50kg house car (aluminum)
    Ideal for agricultural plastic containers.
    Esco Part No.  EA520DB-4  Diameter (Φmm)  [Tire] 200  Material  Aluminum alloy  Height (mm)  810  Overall Length (mm)  705  Platform Dimensions (mm)  385×540  Load Capacity (kg)  [Equal] 50  Mass (kg)  6.2 
    from S$299.90
    Min. 4 days
  8. Front tire for large house car
    Alumis Front tire for large house car
    Suitable for  AKZ-D4NP 
    from S$58.99
    Min. 5 days
  9. Nae Catch
    Hokuetsu Nae Catch
    There is no need to bend and stretch the waist when moving and lifting the seedling box with two types of rods. Light and easy-to-hold handle shape. It is telescopic and can be adjusted according to the work. Single-claw rod and double-claw rod that can be used for various purposes.
    Mass (g)  292 (single nail), 326 (double nail)  Material  Aluminum, steel  Dimension, Overall Length (mm)  500~780 
  10. Chair car mini type
    SISIKU ADDKREIS Chair car mini type
    * The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
    Maximum Working Load (kg)  100  Wheel Diameter (Φmm)  180  Dimensions, Width x Length (mm)  186×575  Seat Height (mm)  215  Mass (kg)  3.1  Wheel spacing (mm)  70  Tire Type  Plastic wheels  Material (Seat)  Steel  Included Accessories  Tool bag 
  11. Plastic filter compact 1-1 / 2
    ES-Waternet Plastic filter compact 1-1 / 2
    Open the small cock at the tip of the main body and discharge the filtered material accumulated inside the filter to the outside with a single touch. Simple structure and functional design. Easy to clean and inspect the element. High capacity and low pressure loss. Uses high-performance resin. It... Read More
    Applicable Pressure (MPa)  0.8  Standard Flow Rate (m3/h)  15  Type of Sign  Male screw  Opening Diameter  Mounting: 1 1/2 (40A)  Material  Polyacetal resin, NBR 
  12. Four-wheel truck for ground watering
    ES-Waternet Four-wheel truck for ground watering
    Since the direction of the front wheels of the tires can be changed, you can move freely. Since the main body is lightweight and the handle operation is smooth, anyone can easily handle it. Equipped with two hose reels that can compactly store a water guide hose with a joint. A hose with a diamet... Read More
    Opening Diameter  (Mounting) 2 "  Type of Sign  Male screw, female in town  Material  Steel (SS) 
  13. Aluminum carry
    YAMAZEN Aluminum carry
    Four-wheeled carry for agriculture and horticulture. Convenient for work and transportation with a lightweight aluminum body. You can load and carry one box of containers. The height can be adjusted in 4 steps. As a transport trolley, work trolley, and carry cart for agricultural work. * Containe... Read More
    Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  390×670×745-875  Specification  For 1 container box  Material  Aluminum, rubber  Allowable Load (kg)  100  Platform Dimensions (mm)  About 370 × 540  Mass (kg)  7.9 
  14. Chair car front wheel free type
    SISIKU ADDKREIS Chair car front wheel free type
    * The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
    Maximum Working Load (kg)  100  Mass (kg)  16  Wheel Diameter (Φmm)  270  Wheel spacing (mm)  280  Seat Height (mm)  385 to 475 (height adjustable)  Dimensions, Width x Length (mm)  430×820  Tire Type  Pneumatic wheel: 4.10 / 3.50-4  Material (Seat)  Steel  Included Accessories  cage 
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