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Seedling Box Storage Shelves

A seedling box storage shelf is a storage shelf that can store and move a large amount of seedlings. A seedling rack with a gap at the bottom allows you to place a one-stage seedling box or store small farm tools. The seedling box that can be stored is about 30cm x 60cm in size. The seedling box transport shelf can be set on a unicycle to easily transport the seedling box. Easy to fold with attachments that can be set on any cart, so you don't have to worry about the storage space. There is also a seedling box storage shelf with a pallet that fits in a light truck.
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  1. Seedling box band
    Hokuetsu Seedling box band
    The hook part is made of steel and lasts a long time. Because it is a special rubber developed for the seedling box band, it has excellent durability. With a generous storage bag, it is very convenient for storage. It can be set several times faster than strings, etc., making it ideal for transpo... Read More
    from S$79.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. For nae catch pot
    Hokuetsu For nae catch pot
    D-shaped handle shape that is easy to hold. The shape designed for pots makes it easy to hook.
    Dimension, Overall Length (mm)  480~780  Material  Aluminum, steel  Mass (g)  514/1 book (2 pieces / set) 
    from S$119.90
    Min. 4 days
  3. Nae Catch
    Hokuetsu Nae Catch
    There is no need to bend and stretch the waist when moving and lifting the seedling box with two types of rods. Light and easy-to-hold handle shape. It is telescopic and can be adjusted according to the work. Single-claw rod and double-claw rod that can be used for various purposes.
    Mass (g)  292 (single nail), 326 (double nail)  Material  Aluminum, steel  Dimension, Overall Length (mm)  500~780 
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