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  1. Cordless multi tool
    BOSCH Cordless multi tool
    Lightweight, compact design with EC brushless motor. Tool holder with magnet makes it easier to replace tip tools. New standard STARLOCK system for multi-tools. Cutting and polishing of various materials such as wood and metal. Peeling work.
    Battery Voltage (V)  10.8  Offset Angle (°)  Pendulum: 2.8  Vibration Frequency (min-1 Pendulum: 5000-20000  Applicable blade  STARLOCK 
    from S$229.90
    Min. 2 days
  2. M18 FUEL Multi-tool
    Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Multi-tool
    The automatic load mode function detects the load according to the member and outputs the appropriate power, improving work efficiency.
    Mass (kg)  1.2  Number of gears  10 steps + A mode  Vibration angle (°)  Left and right 2.1 Total 4.2  Light Type  Wide-angle 180 ° LED  Compatibility  [Blade] STAR LOCK / OIS 
    from S$539.90
    Min. 7 days
  3. Cordless multi-tool  GMF18V-28J3
    BOSCH Cordless multi-tool GMF18V-28J3
    Cordless multi-tool system: Attachable accessories "STARLOCK", "STARLOCK PLUS". Blade installation / removal takes 1 second! Snap-in system. EMP (Electronic Motor Protection) that protects the motor: Shuts out the current before the motor burns out due to overload. EC (brus... Read More
    Mass (kg)  1.6 (with 2.0Ah battery installed)  Vibration angle (°)  2.8 (pendulum)  Main Unit Dimensions, Length L x Width W x Height H (mm)  312×85×50  Battery Capacity (Ah)  vibration (time/min-1)  8000-20000 (pendulum)  Rated Voltage (V)  DC18 (Bosch Pro rechargeable battery) 
    from S$499.90
    Min. 5 days
  4. M12  FUEL  Multi Tool
    Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL Multi Tool
    Achieves excellent working speed with a maximum frequency of 20000 and a wide vibration angle of 3.9 °.
    Mass (kg)  Frequency  10000~20000  Power Input (V)  12  Battery Capacity (Ah)  dimensions, length x height x width (mm)  285×96×58  Motor  Brushless  Vibration angle (°)  Left and right 1.95  Blade  Replacement: No tools required  LED  With LED 
    from S$479.90
    Min. 7 days
  5. Dual Function Rechargeable Multi Tool
    Panasonic Dual Function Rechargeable Multi Tool
    One unit can be used for many purposes. Comfortable work with power and ease of handling. Opening is possible without a pilot hole, making "Kiwa Sumi" work easier. * Corresponding by changing the blade such as cutting the widthwood, removing the door frame, cutting the copper pipe / nai... Read More
    from S$449.90
    Min. 6 days
  6. Multi-tool (cut-and-sew)
    BOSCH Multi-tool (cut-and-sew)
    Vibration Frequency (min-1 5000~20000  Vibration angle (°)  (Pendulum) 2.8  Mass (kg)  Power Input (V)  DC10.8 (rechargeable battery) 
  7. Multi-tool (cut-and-sew)
    BOSCH Multi-tool (cut-and-sew)
    Vibration angle (°)  (Pendulum) 2.8  Mass (kg)  1.96  Vibration Frequency (min-1 8000~20000  Trusco Part No.  496-3261  Power Input (V)  DC18 (rechargeable battery) 
  8. 18V cordless multi-tool
    BOSCH 18V cordless multi-tool
    EMP protects the motor from overload. High-speed pendulum vibration makes flush cutting and pocket cutting easy. Speed work is possible. Starlock blades and Starlock plus blades can be used. For flush cutting, pocket cutting, peeling, sanding
    Mass (kg)  1.8  Vibration angle (°)  2.8 (pendulum)  Trusco Part No.  213-3882  Vibration Frequency (min-1 8000-20000 (pendulum) 
  9. 14.4V rechargeable multi-tool
    BLACK&DECKER 14.4V rechargeable multi-tool
    A drill driver, sander, jigsaw and basic DIY tools are all you need! Powerful 14.4V powerful motor! Work efficiency is improved with a 30-minute quick charger! Uses a slide-type charger that makes it easy to replace the battery!
    Drilling Capacity, to Wood (mm)  25  Number of clutches (stage)  24  Rechargeable Times  About 500 times  Switch  Forward / reverse trigger switch  Chucking Size (mm)  10 (Keyless chuck)  Battery Voltage (V)  14.4  Maximum Torque (Nm)  17  Drilling Capacity, to Steel (mm)  10  Charging Time (minutes)  30  Mass of Main Unit (kg)  Drill: 2.1 
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9 Item(s)

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